"Life of the rug"

"Sustainability is Everyone's Responsibility"

Rug Pad Wizard Limited Warranty

The rug pads manufactured by Rug Pad Wizard are the  finest products available. If any of these products fail to function due to poor workmanship or construction within the stated Warranty period, Rug Pad Wizard will replace the pad at  no charge.  Simply contact us for a Return Authorization, Send it to Us and the original purchaser will receive a refund.  Receipt is required.

We are so confident in our products that we have now increased our Warranty Period to 20 Year or "Life of the Rug" Warranties!

Simply request a Return Authorization - then send with proof of purchase and sample of defective pad to...
Rug Pad Wizard
PO Box 40
Sedalia NC 27342

No other warranties or representations may be made by
any other person or entity other that these warranties
and representations expressly made by Rug Pad Wizard in writing and approved by an officer of the company.

Rugpad Wizard

It has never been easier to order quality eco friendly rug pads before!